Rose Blakeley

I was very fortunate to have grown up in the midst of open countryside and endless forest, so a large portion of my early years was spent with my sister exploring and absorbing their timeless beauty. From those precious childhood days, I developed a deep imagination and a great admiration for nature, thus finding the seasonal cycle a constant source of inspiration.


This eventually led me to many years of travelling and exploring the British Isles, quite often on foot, where I was in close contact with its history, legends and folklore along with all its curious traditions and customs.


These passions have fuelled the fires of my creativity and over the years it has taken me into many realms, past and present, in the form of art, rhyme and song.


Welcome to my kingdom.

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The Countryside in Ink

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Echoes of England

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1. Leaves - Edited from Herne 1d. Leaves - Edited from Herne (cropped) Rosey (natural) NOVEMEBER LANDSCAPE 2. NOVEMEBER LANDSCAPE 1. Barn Owl 1d. Leaves - Edited from Herne (cropped thrice) A. COLOURED RACING HARE (SMALL) 1. AUTUMN SYCAMORE 6. 1. AUTUMN SYCAMORE 5. Black Sickle Moon 1. INVERTED